Tree Trimming

Ashland Power District Will Trim Trees

  • The leading cause of accidental contact with power lines in Oregon is tree trimming or tree removal
  • Our line crews will trim trees growing in proximity of overhead power lines
  • If you see a tree growing into the power lines or are planning to trim or remove trees near power lines, contact us for assistance
  • There is no fee for this service

Trees & Safety

Don’t build a tree house in trees with power lines in them or near them.

If you see a wire in the area where you want to work, call us at (503) 771-5596 first.

Don’t prune a limb that is near or touching a wire. Tree limbs contain water and can conduct electricity,

Remember that metal ladders and other tree-trimming equipment are excellent conductors of electricity. Stay clear of wires.

Although the “service” wire (from the transformer to the connection at your house) usually is insulated, never consider it safe to work around. The insulation can be worn, creating a hazard.